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Beta of new version is now live!

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The wait is finally over. After months of working on it, the beta of the new version is now live. You can access it from the develop branch of the repository.

What has changed?

The entire UI is brand new. As you all know that I used Frappe UI for this rewrite, all the common components that you see on the page like Buttons, Input Controls, Breadcrumbs are all from Frappe UI.

There is a sidebar on all the pages now. In the previous version, navigation was a problem. For every new page I added, the only place to make it discoverable was the navbar. This wasn't scalable. With a sidebar, it has become very easy to make all the pages discoverable.

The pages are faster than before due to caching. Some of the pages are still a little slow on the first load. I will be working on improving their performance with time.

There are some pages from the previous version like the profile page, quiz creation page etc that I am yet to add to the new version. These will keep coming one after another in this month itself.

Where can I see it?

As per the plan that I shared in one of my previous blog posts, once the beta was ready I made Frappe School live with it. I did this to get real feedback as we have tons of users there. You can also visit the portal and check all the pages there.

Can I upgrade my site to Beta?

Yes you can, but I would recommend that you test it out first. If there are customisations in your site than make sure they work with the new version. Once you are completely sure then you can migrate to this version. If while using, you encounter any issues you can report them here. Any and every feedback would be appreciated.

Whats next?

I already have received tons of feature requests from the Frappe School team as well as the community.  They will occupy my next few months.  The plan is to work on features till September. Thats when we are planning our next Frappeverse. After that, I will work on polishing everything and prepare for the final launch. So stay tuned for all the future blogs as we are about to get a lot of new features. 🎉

Jannat Patel

Engineer @ Frappe

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