Updates for March 2023

Live Class, Quiz with User Input, and Reorder Chapters and Lessons

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Live Classes

Our new Live Class feature allows moderators to easily create and schedule classes with just a few clicks. Simply enter the class details such as title, date, time, and other relevant information, and the class is automatically created. Your students will receive a calendar invite to notify them about the upcoming class, ensuring they never miss a session. To know more about how to set up live classes check out our documentation.

Quiz with User Input

Our updated Quiz feature now allows instructors to include questions where students can input their answers. Instructors can provide possible correct answers to these questions, allowing for a more personalized and interactive learning experience. Each question can have a minimum of one and a maximum of four possible answers, allowing for flexibility in question design. This feature complements the traditional multiple-choice questions, adding a new dimension to your quizzes.

Reorder Chapters and Lessons

Instructors can now easily reorder chapters and lessons of their courses with just a simple drag-and-drop. Whether you need to rearrange course materials to improve the flow of your lesson plan or to better align with student needs, the process is simple and streamlined. Our portal allows for easy and efficient course management, ensuring you can deliver the best learning experience for your students.

Notification on Assignment Submission

Previously there was no way for an evaluator to know if a student has submitted the assignment unless they checked the student's class progress. Evaluators will now receive an email notification when a student submits the assignment. This will ensure that the evaluator grades the assignments on time.

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