Updates for June 2023

Add assessments to class, better quiz UX, product hunt launch, and more.

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Quiz Enhancements

Previously, our quiz form presented a long list of questions, making it difficult for moderators to efficiently edit specific questions. For example, if a moderator wanted to edit the 8th question out of a list of 10, they had to tediously scroll down to locate it. This scrolling inconvenience could be time-consuming and frustrating.

To address this issue, we have implemented significant enhancements to the quiz form. Now, instead of displaying all the question details on a single page, we have introduced a convenient table format. Moderators can simply click on each question within the table to add or edit its details. This new layout saves valuable time and effort, enabling moderators to make quick and targeted edits without the need for extensive scrolling.

Furthermore, we have introduced the ability for moderators to set a maximum number of attempts for users taking the quiz. By default, this value is set to 0, indicating no restrictions on the number of attempts. However, if a moderator sets the value to, let's say, 4, any user attempting the quiz will be restricted after four attempts. This feature provides flexibility and control over the quiz-taking process, allowing moderators to tailor the experience to their specific requirements.

Another improvement we have made is in the option field for choice questions. Previously, this field had a limited character capacity, making it challenging to include lengthy sentences as answer options. We have expanded the character limit in this field, enabling the inclusion of more comprehensive answer options.


In Frappe LMS, assessments take the form of quizzes and assignments, providing valuable tools for evaluating student progress. Previously, assessments were exclusively tied to courses, meaning they were only visible within the context of a specific course. However, we recognized that not all training organizations follow this structure, and assessments needed to be more flexible.

To address this, we have decoupled assessments from courses, allowing for greater independence and versatility. While assessments can still be added to courses, they can now also be created and added independently to classes. Moderators can simply create a quiz or an assignment and then include it in a class through the assessments tab.

For students in the class, the new system presents a streamlined view of assessments. They can access a list of assessments and click on each one to view its details and submit their work. Once an assessment has been submitted, moderators can conveniently grade it directly from the same page. This simplified workflow enhances the student experience and enables efficient assessment management for moderators.

Class Enhancements

We have also made significant enhancements to the class details interface. Students now enjoy an improved visual experience, as they can see the entire course card instead of just the course name in a list. This upgrade provides students with a comprehensive overview of their enrolled courses, enhancing their engagement and interaction with the platform.

Additionally, the student list now includes more informative details. Moderators can easily access information such as the number of courses a student has completed, the number of assessments they have finished, and the number of assessments pending grading. These valuable insights allow moderators to better understand and track student progress, facilitating personalized support and targeted interventions where necessary.

Product Hunt

On June 6th, 2023, we proudly launched Frappe LMS on Product Hunt, and we are thrilled to announce that we achieved the remarkable milestone of being named the #2 Education Product of the Week! This achievement was made possible by the invaluable support, feedback, and engagement of our users and the Product Hunt community. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has used, reviewed, and supported our app. Your continued support drives us to further enhance our product and provide even more value to our users.

PS: We are also delighted to share that our app has garnered more than 300 ⭐️ on GitHub. This strong indication of community engagement motivates us to continue improving and refining our product to meet the evolving needs of our users.

Jannat Patel

Engineer @ Frappe

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