Frappe LMS

Frappe LMS as the name suggests is a Learning Management System.

You might be wondering, why another LMS. I'm sure you've used at least one LMS in the past. Either as an instructor or as a student. These LMS might have all the features they should, but most of them are not easy to use. While using them, you will have to take a pause and look around for the next step. Their UI is usually cluttered with too much information.



This is where Frappe LMS differs from the others. It not only provides all features that an LMS should, but it is also easy to use. It has a simple backend with clear forms to create courses. The UI is clean so that the user’s focus remains only on what's important, to provide a distraction-free learning experience.


course card

Along with this, Frappe LMS also helps you form a learning community. It has a job board, where users can search for opportunities after completing courses. They can look for and interact with other users who belong to the same domain as them to grow their network.


If you are a school or college, aiming to provide the best online learning experience to your students, or you are an organization that wants to have a smooth online employee onboarding, Frappe LMS will help you achieve your needs.

Want to check out some existing sites that work on Frappe LMS? You can visit Frappe School a training portal that helps learn ERPNext and its various modules or Mon School a learning platform that teaches programming in an easy and fun way.