You can create quizzes and add to your lessons in the LMS. Quizzes help make lessons interactive and ensures a quick revision of concepts learned previously.

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To create a quiz, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • From the awesome bar search for LMS Quiz.
  • From the list view of the LMS Quiz doctype click on Add LMS Quiz.
  • Give the Quiz a title.
  • From the Questions table you can add all the questions and their options.
  • With each option, you can check Is Correct if this is the correct option and add an explanation for the same. The Explanation field is optional though.
  • Add all questions in the table in a similar manner.
  • Max Attempts ensure that users attempt the quiz only up to a certain time. If no value is entered, the quiz can be attempted an infinite number of times.
  • Time per Question determines the amount of time which a user has to attempt a question. If a user fails to select an option within this time, they lose a point. If no time is specified, then there will be no time limit.

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