Course Cards Template

Course Card template can be used to highlight specific courses on the website to grab your users attention.

You have some courses that are doing really well and you want to feature them on your home page. Or you have some courses that your users were requesting for quite some time and you will be publishing them soon and want users to know about these upcoming courses. You can use Course Cards template in such scenarios.

Screenshot 2022 06 07 at 1.17.08 PM

To add a course card to any web page, follow these steps:

  • Visit the web page you want these cards on.
  • From the Page Building Blocks table, select the template Course Cards.
  • Click on Edit Values. Add a title for this section.
  • In the Courses table, select the courses you want to display in this section.
  • Submit the details and then save the web page.

You can verify the same by visiting the web page on which you added the template.